Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school teacher in Seattle is planning a field trip for her 30 students to visit local colleges and universities. She arranges a charter bus rental for the day to shuttle them between campuses. The bus rental costs $250 per hour and she needs it for 8 hours, totaling $2,000. With a 30 passenger bus, this works out to about $67 per student. They visit the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Seattle Pacific University. The charter bus takes them directly to each campus where they receive student-led tours. The kids get to see college classrooms, dorms, dining halls, libraries, etc. Everyone has a great educational experience.

Example #2:

A Seattle tech company is planning an offsite team building event for 75 employees. They decide to book a party bus for a city scavenger hunt. A 30-passenger party bus is $250/hour with a 3 hour minimum. With 75 people, they’ll need 3 buses, quoted at $750/bus for 5 hours from 9am-2pm, including tips. The total quote is $2,250. The company appreciates the expertise of the party bus sales rep who asks thoughtful questions to understand the goals of the event and number of participants in order to recommend the appropriate vehicle size and pricing package. The detailed online photos and videos showcase a fleet of newer, high-end buses. And the rep provides references from other Seattle corporations which have used their party buses for team events. This level of experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trust makes the company confident in booking 3 party buses for their upcoming event.

Example #3:

The manager of a girls’ fastpitch softball team in Seattle is organizing transportation for an upcoming tournament in Spokane. The team has 12 players plus coaches and parents, totaling 22 people. To make the 4-hour drive more comfortable, he decides to book a 25-passenger charter bus. The rental company quotes him $350 per hour, with a minimum of 8 hours round-trip plus gratuity. The total quote comes out to 8 hours x $350 per hour = $2,800 for the bus rental. With a reasonable 15% tip, the total cost is $2,800 + $420 tip = $3,220. The manager divides the total cost of $3,220 by 22 passengers. So each person’s share comes out to about $146 for the round-trip charter bus transportation. By booking one charter bus, everyone can ride together with amenities like reclining seats, WiFi, and entertainment. This creates team bonding during the trip to the softball tournament.

Example #4:

A group of friends from out of town is visiting Seattle for a long weekend. They want to spend Saturday seeing the city’s top attractions. The group of 8 friends decides to rent a 14-passenger minibus for the day to take them around the city comfortably. They book the minibus for 8 hours, from 9 AM to 5 PM, at a rate of $250 per hour including gratuity. This comes out to $2,000 total for a full day of transportation in Seattle. Their custom itinerary includes seeing the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the waterfront, and more. With all the driving around the city and no need to worry about parking or transportation between sights, the group gets to maximize their time and see all the main attractions in Seattle over the course of their 8-hour charter. They have a fantastic day exploring Seattle from the comfort of their private minibus.

Example #5:

Maria and John planned a summer wedding in Seattle with 150 guests. They wanted to arrange comfortable transportation for their wedding party and guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception locations. They booked a 25-passenger minibus to shuttle the wedding party and immediate family members around on the day of the wedding. The rental rate was $250 per hour, and they needed the minibus for 8 hours from 10 AM to 6 PM, costing $2,000. For the guests, Maria and John rented three 56-passenger charter buses to provide continuous shuttle service during the event at $300 per hour per bus. With the buses needed for 5 hours from 3 PM to 8 PM, the total came to $4,500. The couple felt the $6,500 spent on transportation for their special day was money well-spent to ensure their guests could relax and enjoy themselves. They added an 18% tip for the exceptional service, bringing their grand transportation total to $7,670.

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